Rosacea symptoms at bay

Are your rosacea symptoms stressing you out? It’s normal to feel that way when dealing with a chronic skin condition. Fortunately, you can manage your symptoms to a point where you rarely experience flare-ups.

Here’s how to keep your rosacea symptoms at bay:

• Avoid foods and drinks that trigger inflammation (e.g., alcohol, dried fruit,fermented food and processed meat).

• Steer clear of artificial fragrances or harsh chemicals.

• Wear clothes made of comfortable fabrics (e.g., cotton).

• Keep your body from overheating (e.g., Take lukewarm showers.)

• Apply sunscreen daily and reapply every two hours.

• Manage your stress levels by meditating or listening to music.

Skincare can also dramatically reduce your symptoms so you feel comfortable in your skin again. Use effective products like Rosacea Relief, CBD Hydratherapy Masque and Restoring Fulvic Elixir from GlyMed Plus to repair your skin barrier and control flare-ups. Order them today on my online store.

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