National Hyaluronic Acid Day

Happy Hyaluronic Acid Day

I want to share my 2 favorite products that have the active ingredient Hyaluronic Acid

My first product recommendation is Ultra Hydro Gel. This is in a gel consistence. Glides right on. This is great for dry skin to refresh your skin barrier. This is great for aging skin for helping plump the skin back up. This formula is also great for acne and oliy skin. When skin is oily or has acne one thing that most people dont think about is moistruizer/ hydration. Well a small amout of cause is from skipping this step and depriving the skin of hdration. Hyaluronic acid for all skin types is like drinking a glass of water. The gel consistance helps with all these different areas of the skin.

Second Product is Skin Recovery Mist. This mist is great to help the skin heal and recover. This product has hyaluronic acid in it too. I use at night before putting my finishing products on to help glide on my skin better, as well help deliver the products into my skin. Morning I use it to set my makeup one product with so many uses. this is better for normal to dry skin types.

Sense being in the industry for 10 years I have tried so many different hyaluronic acid serums. These are my favorite.

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