These tips will help you with anti-aging.

First defense for anti-aging is sunscreen. The sun breaks down collagen, elastin, and can damage our melanin. Collagen and elastin are important to help our skin with a youthful complexion. Melanin damage is bad because this is when we see sun, and age spots on the skin. I love Image skincare spf for this. I have to order this into my shop. Even if you don’t use that sunscreen, any sunscreen is better than none at all. We want to help with anti-aging. 

Another is the ice trick (or you can use jade, or rose quartz roller). Use the ice cube, or roller in an upward and outward movement to help keep everything lifted. This brings oxygen to the skin and will help the skin cells to stay healthy, and productive. 

One last tip. Besides eye cream, and spot treatments. Bring every product to the neck and decollete. They get just as much environmental damage. We don’t want to grow up to have a “turkey” neck. Prevent now.

Glymed Anti-Aging Skincare.

Peptide Cleanser with PC10 (GM14)

This ultra-gentle cleanser instantly dissolves makeup, oil and debris on the skin. This product not only provides a deep clean but it contains the age-defying antioxidant vitamin E to combat dryness, extrinsic assaults, and the harmful irritants that lead to premature aging. Use as a 1st cleanse to remove makeup- safe for lash extensions.


Increases Hydration, Purifies, Repairs, Calming, Healing, Increase Firmness, and Elasticity.


Preventative, Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Dryness, Post Treatment, Rosacea, and Oncology Safe. 


Use morning and night as a 2nd cleaser. Dispense 1 pump to dry hands and apply to dry skin. Gently massage onto the area to be cleansed. Rinse with tepid water.

Wrinkle Prescription Masque with PC10 (GM25)

This treatment masque is the most powerful anti-aging and antioxidant masque for the skin. Its therapeutic level ingredients facilitate the skin’s ability to prevent wrinkling by relaxing the muscles and slowing the mechanism of facial contractions. Active minerals assist in feeding the skin to encourage firmer, healthier skin. Sensitive, dry or impaired skin is no match for this powerhouse.


Increase Hydration, Reduces Fine Lines, and Wrinkles, Lifts, and Firms, Balances, Repairs, and Calming.


Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Dryness, Lifts, Firms, and Oncology Safe. 


Use after Cleansing. Glide masque onto the face, neck, and decollete and allow to sit for 15-20 minutes. Remove with tepid water. Can be used 3-4 times a week.

Stem Cell Power Serum (GM90)

This multi-tasking power serum helps to slow the aging process, lift and firm sagging skin and brighten discoloration! Clinically proven plant cell culture, Uttwiler Spätlauber Apple resets aging skin at the cellular level. Stem Cell Power Serum also contains four powerful amino peptides to help stimulate new cell growth and reprogram aging skin fibroblasts to increase collagen production.


Moisturizers, Reduces Pigmentation, Lifts, Firms, and Prevention. 


Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Preventative, Post Treatment, and Oncology Safe. 


Use After cleansing. Apply serum to the face, neck, and decollete.Finish with your Glymed Plus Moisturizer of choice. Can be used morning and night.

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